INTEGRAL – Customer Relationship Management

Integral-CRM is a complete package that covers both Pre and After-Sales interactions with your On the Pre-Sales side, it covers activities starting from the identification of a prospect to the Order Placement stage.

Features: Pre-Sales

  • Customer Data Management
  • Dealer/Channel Partner Management
  • Customer Enquiries’ Tender Management
  • Enquiry tracking/reminders to Sales persons
  • Sales Offers/Revised Offers
  • Offer follow-ups
  • Tracking of interactions with the customer
  • Receipt of Orders, logging and confirmation from customers
  • Sales force Automation that monitors Daily customer visits, expenses, interactions and next step due
  • Sales Rep. Commission

Features: After-Sales

  • Installations and Warranty coverage
  • Service call logging
  • Engineer Deployment
  • Post-Service closure reports
  • Service costing and analysis
  • Annual Maintenance Contract management