INTEGRAL - Enterprise Resource Planning

A complete integrated solution to aid Business Management INTEGRAL-ERP, the flagship IITPL product, is a complete ERP solution integrating Manufacturing, Distribution and Financial functions with elaborate checks and controls at every stage of the work flow cycle. It follows standard principles of ERP philosophy. A continuous improvement program, based on Customer feedback, has made the package meet the best satisfaction standards set by the Customers. INTEGRAL-ERP design and its easy implementation are a result of efforts of highly experienced Manufacturing and Software professionals.

Best suited for Small to Medium sized Companies In a competitive market place, every company, big or small, has to strive for higher efficiency levels, lower operational costs, better planning and control and quicker response to customers' changing demands. To achieve all these, a big enterprise can afford to spend huge resources in terms of money/training manpower/restructuring required to implement an ERP Solution. However, small and medium sized manufacturing organisations require a low priced, easily implementable and flexible ERP solution. INTEGRAL-ERP has been designed specifically for this segment.




Integral-ERP has been modelled for the following industries:

Project-Based (EPC/EPMC) Manufacturing / Automotive Education Trading Pharmaceuticals

Salient Features

  • Robust, Oracle platform, Oracle8i/9i/10g Backend on Windows NT/WIN 2000/UNIX/LINUX Operating System
  • Oracle Forms & Reports as front end tools for total compatibility
  • Web enabled, for easy remote access
  • Capability to run forms/reports on character terminals
  • Four levels of security
  • Provision for having EDI Interface
  • Bar Code integration
  • Highly standardized & parameterized
  • Outputs convertible to Excel formats
  • Comes with data dictionary to enable users to create their own report
  • Auto generation of Email and SMS alerts to individuals
  • Reminders to individual Users to carry out their daily reporting
  • VAT Enabled