INTEGRAL - ERP for the Manufacturing/Automotive Industry

An end to end solution based on Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order philosophy, that covers all transactional activity happening in the Company. A workflow concept is used as the transactions progress from one department to another. The cycle starts from capture of Customer Sales Schedules an ends in dispatching of Finished Items to customers with transactions culminating in Financials.


  • Fulfils requirements of TS16979 standards for Automotive Industries
  • Requirement based on actual OEM Customer Orders/Schedules received as well as forecast for replacement market
  • Daily/Weekly/ Monthly time brackets for the planning horizon
  • MRP generation using lot size, packaging lot size concepts, safety stocks
  • Auto-generates daily shop orders
  • Issue of materials against kits generated in each shop
  • WIP level control using WIP norms
  • Sub Contracting of in-Production stages
  • Complete lot tracking up to finished stage with FIFO based issue recommendations
  • Dispatch Advices with packing details of each and every box with packing stickers
  • Dispatch Schedule vs. Actual Dispatch monitoring
  • Complete product costing consisting of Material Cost, Sub Contracting Cost, Labour and Overheads