INTEGRAL - ERP for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Integral-ERP for the Pharmaceuticals industries has been designed keeping in mind the specific requirements/standards of Pharma and other process-based industries. Batching of products in such a scenario is of paramount importance and Integral-ERP helps maintain laid down Quality Standards of each batch coming out of the production process.


  • Inventory of Raw Material maintained in a comprehensive manner batch-wise
  • Tracking  of expiry of each raw material and generation of alerts in case any raw material is expiring shortly
  • Allows the users to pick the material of their choice for a particular production batch lot and recommends FIFO
  • In Stage quality grading and stacking of the material
  • Formulations and Process Routings with timings and optimum lot sizes
  • Samples invoicing and tracking
  • Pre-packaging and post-packaging stocks of finished products
  • Sales force automation allowing Sales Rep to web log:
      • Daily call reporting
      • Sales orders
      • Expenses like travel, boarding, lodging
      • Future visit plans with comments

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