HR Management

HR and Payroll in Integral ERP maintains the most important resource of the enterprise i.e. the Human Resource. The HR module comprises of the recruitment, leave management, training and appraisal system. It keeps track of employee increment/transfer history apart from the standard profile. The system gives facility to issue appreciation/warning letters to the employees as and when required. Recruitment starts by receipt of CV’s, short listing, fixing interviews, finalization of the candidate and issue of appointment letters. Leave management allows the ERP to be interfaced with any of the biometric attendance device available and making leaves against the masters entered at the beginning of year. Manual option for capturing attendance is available too. Departments can make annual training plans for their employees to capture them into the system and then monitoring it. Appraisal System works on the management by objective concept and scoring against each objective set for the employee.

Payroll in Integral ERP is a comprehensive system that includes loan management, employee welfare schemes apart from standard payroll features. The payroll factors are user defined and has no restriction to the number of heads that can be opened.